Hi I'm Chloe, I'm 20 years old and from Scotland :) I'm an artist on a weight loss journey. Also a Curves circuit coach!

30 day squat challenge - COMPLETE

SW: 245 CW: 150 GW: 147

- 95lbs in total

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ANOTHER weigh in

So apparently I’ve lost another 2lbs!? So that takes me down to 150lbs!!

95lbs lost so far, so close to the 100! 

Weigh In

I’m trying to keep this up to date guys!

I don’t lose much weight anymore, it takes forever to get anything off because I’m so near my goal weight butttt this week I lost 1lb to I’m happy :D

I’m now 152lbs and I’ve lost 93lbs to far! So close to 100!! 


I completely forgot to post them up on tumblr so here we are…


Send me a message telling me what you want drawn, remember picture references or very detailed description. I will then confirm and send you my paypal address, then I will begin the commission once I receive payment. I am able to send you a sketch to check over before I finish the drawing. 

I’m quite laid back so there’s very little I’m not willing to draw, also you are guaranteed to receive your commission within a month. (Usually faster than that). Also it doesn’t have to be tolkien related, I will draw from any fandom.

Look through my tumblr for more art examples or check out my deviantart gallery.

I don’t usually reblog things from my art blog, but I am in dire need of some extra money just now D: so poor. 

ahhh i haven’t updated in so long!! sorry guys my life has just been really hectic lately and tumblr was the last thing on my mind.

Anyway the update is I’m still eating healthy and losing weight (slowly). This morning I hit a big land mark, I’m now under 11 stone :D (I’m now 153lbs) so happyyyy.

I’m now a UK size 8/10 on my top half (US 2/4) and a UK 10/12 on the bottom (US 4/6)

I’m aiming to be a UK 8/10 (US 2/4) as my end goal. 

Only 6-7lbs left to lose now 0.0 let’s do this!

92lbs down so far! 

weigh in

and I’m finally back down to 157lbs!! My lowest weight yet :DD 

For some reason I’ve been stuck between 157-160lbs for a long time (like 2 months..) but finally I think I’m breaking through lol. 

10lbs till I hit my goal weight, i can do thissss!

If I lose another 10 pounds then it means I’ll have lost 98 lbs :O that’s like an entire human being, albeit a small one but you get what I mean.

Maybe I should lose 12lbs just to make it 100lbs lol. MAYBE.

c210k: week 14, day 1 - complete!

omg ow that was painful. ran for 67 mins straight I must be mad. 

Did the full 10k though :D 6.25 miles mofo. 

I was running face first into strong winds for nearly the entire run though, and there were a LOT of hills ugh.

I did it though!! Just need to do the same run a couple more times then I’m done with c210k!

Moving onto a half marathon next… oh god.

c210k: week 13 - complete

I didn’t think I’d make it today as I’ve done a ridiculous amount of exercise already this week.

Monday - 2 hours of kickboxing

Tuesday - 1 hour kettle bell class

Wednesday - 2 hours of kickboxing

so needless to say i’m very tired lol. But it turned out to be one of those weird easy runs that come out of the blue so I did it no problem. 

Also I’m at a 9.4 minute mile now, wahaaay.

I’m finishing way too early now, I reach my house before the timer is up so it’s time to add on more distance to my route. Off to google maps to plan I go…

c210k: week 13, day 2 - complete!

I did day 1 before my week long trip and now I’m trying to finish it. God running is so hard after taking a break D: but I did it! About 5.5 miles me thinks.

I didn’t gain any weight but my body fat percentage is up?! Oh biology, you’re so mysterious. 

Still eating 2000 cals a day now and not gaining weight? This exercise thing has it’s perks for sure.

I’m home!

And what an amazing trip!! That’s me with a baby reindeer btw, so cute. I had a really great time and I’m ready to get back into my exercise regimen again. Weirdly I didn’t put on any weight despite eating a lot of junk, oh well. I was convinced I was up at least 5lbs but I guess I got lucky or something lol.

Into the 150’s

Lost some of the weight I gained so I’m back down to 159lbs :) 

Happy days! Only 12lbs to lose now, seems like nothing compared to what I’ve lost already - but it’s going to be the hardest to come off.

I can’t believe I’m so close to my end goal.